Dr. Angela Nahl
San Diego Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmic Philanthropist in San Diego – Dr. Angela Nahl

La Jolla Ophthalmologist Dr. Nahl PhilanthropyGiving back to the community is important to La Jolla LASIK surgeon Dr. Angela Nahl. She regularly donates her time and expertise to various charitable organizations that provide free medical care, education and resources to those in need, including the following:

Providing Free Ophthalmologic Services

Flying Samaritans is a volunteer organization that consists of general physicians, ophthalmologists, dentists, nurses and other medical professionals that travel to rural areas of Mexico to provide free care at local medical clinics. Approximately 60 percent of patients treated are low-income and not eligible for Mexican Society Security medical care. The organization focuses on four missions: primary care, specialty care, education and emergency care. During her time working with Flying Samaritans, Dr. Nahl would travel to Baja California and perform eye exams, as well as LASIK and cataract surgeries to those in need.

The first time Dr. Nahl participated in Flying Samaritans was during her residency at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. Through a special program, patients were able to obtain a temporary medical visa to cross the United States-Mexico border to receive care. Flying Samaritans had the task of transporting approximately 80 patients across the border in less than an eight-hour work day to provide each with the care they needed. Among those patients was 3-year-old Erick, who was bilaterally blind from cortical cataracts (a type of cataract characterized by a white, wedge-like clouding of the lens that causes severe haziness and visual distortion). With the clock ticking, Dr. Nahl worked quickly and efficiently to ensure Erick would be operated on to restore sight, even providing housing for Erick and his pregnant mother. As a result, Erick had one of his cataracts removed and is no longer blind.

Giving Back to Local Elementary and Middle Schools

Dr. Nahl has two passions in life, the first being education. Through La Jolla LASIK Institute, Dr. Nahl is regularly in contact with various schools, primarily middle schools, in the San Diego area in order to donate eye exams, LASIK surgeries and gift baskets so they can be auctioned to raise funds for the schools. She also visits schools to educate students on various eye health topics.

Curing Blindness

Dr. Nahl’s second passion is curing blindness. She is currently working on launching a program which will direct surplus money earned from every LASIK surgery performed at La Jolla LASIK Institute toward curing blindness. Cataracts is the leading cause of blindness in the world, and through this program, La Jolla LASIK Institute will be able to pay the expenses needed to travel to and perform cataract surgery in impoverished areas throughout the world. The program, tentatively called “Curing Blindness in 100 People,” is expected to launch in the near future.