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Dr. Angela Nahl – LASIK Specialist San Diego

San Diego Refractive Surgeon Dr. Angela Nahl

Dr. Angela Nahl is a respected refractive surgeon, business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about helping others enjoy the gift of sight. As the founder of La Jolla LASIK Institute, Dr. Nahl dedicates her practice to helping her patients see clearly without glasses or contacts, which can improve their overall quality of life. The Harvard-educated surgeon has performed more than 10,000 eye procedures over the course of her distinguished career.

Dr. Nahl understands the dramatic impact clear eyesight can have on one’s everyday life. She became passionate about helping others from an early age, thanks to her father’s job, which required the family to move frequently throughout the world. During her time living in countries such as Thailand and El Salvador, Dr. Nahl saw first-hand the need for medical resources, including eye care.

Unlike many of her peers, Dr. Angela Nahl’s road to becoming a refractive surgeon wasn’t always a clear-cut or direct one. Having shown great manual dexterity (a highly desirable trait in the medical field) at an early age, Dr. Nahl always assumed she would become a surgeon and entered Harvard University as a pre-med student. But after her mother was injured in a near-fatal automobile accident during Dr. Nahl’s sophomore year, she felt compelled to drop her rigorous pre-med courses and pursue another career. This decision led to Dr. Nahl’s time working in finance on Wall Street at companies such as J.P. Morgan. While Dr. Nahl ultimately left Wall Street behind to pursue ophthalmology she is grateful for the experience, as she believes her finance background has played a crucial role in the proper running and growing of her private practice, La Jolla LASIK Institute.

Dr. Nahl’s Professional Influences

One of Dr. Nahl’s biggest inspirations for owning her own business was her maternal grandmother, Beatrice Smith. Smith, worried about finances at the time, became interested in real estate investment. After receiving a $1,000 loan, Smith purchased her first real estate property and began to earn her own income, eventually paying back that loan. Smith’s drive and tenacity led her to be the first person to build a condominium in Oklahoma. Her work in real estate received media coverage, including a feature in LIFE Magazine. This role model led to Dr. Nahl’s drive to be an entrepreneur and open her own practice.

Dr. Nahl’s family history features other innovative and creative individuals, including Charles Christian Nahl, a German-born painter considered by many to be California’s first significant artist. In addition, Dr. Angela Nahl’s great-grandfather, Perham Wilhelm Nahl, co-founded the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Dr. Nahl’s Personal Interests

Today, Dr. Nahl, her husband and their children reside in beautiful, sunny San Diego. When she is not treating patients or presenting to elementary and middle school students on various eye topics, Dr. Nahl enjoys spending time with her kids, including her son who is very active in sports and her daughter, who participates in musical theater. Dr. Nahl’s hobbies include cooking and photography.

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